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Passions, Principles and Purpose

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Right now is a particularly good time to think about your passions, principles and purpose. It is important to have these three concepts clear in your mind- to guide you in life and to progress in your career.

Your passions are the things you naturally want to do. Your main interests that stay with you over time.

When you are asked what you are passionate about in a hiring context, the goal is to find out whether you are a good fit for the position, the team and the company. In an interview, this is the time to talk about the specific tasks of the job, current developments facing the team or chances and challenges regarding the project. You draw on examples from your professional history and show how your knowledge of the subject matter will provide added value- for the prospective employer as well as yourself.

Your principles are the things you care about in life over and above making a living. Just like your passions show your interests, principles reflect your values.

When you are asked about your values during the hiring process, the idea is for you to talk about your motivations. What are your reasons for wanting to do this particular job, be involved in this particular project, work with this particular team at this particular company? It gives you a chance to show off the research you have done on the company’s culture, mission statement and future plans and how they align with your own.

Your purpose is your own answer to the question of what it is you want to contribute to the world.

Rarely will you be asked about purpose in a job interview. More common are questions about your goals. Knowing your purpose will help you answer these questions as you can break down your overall objectives in life into smaller goals that will serve as steps along the way.

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