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Three Life Lessons From Project Management

1. Uncertainty is a Fact of Life

An uncertainty is something that you have no control over. It will definitely happen. You do not know if the outcome will be good or bad for you.

Accept uncertainty. Avoid placing blame. Build resilience within yourself and in your team.Cultivate trust, awareness and communication.

2. Risk Analysis is Mitigation

A risk is something that may or may not happen but if it does, the effect on you will be negative.

Be crystal clear about your risks. Make a conscious decision about what risks are worth taking and when to walk away. Plan contingency actions for all your high probability/high impact risks. So you know what to do when things happen.

3. Opportunity is there when you look for it

An opportunity may or may not occur. If it does, it will be good for you.

Whenever you think about risk also think about opportunity. When it seems you cannot find opportunity, look closely at the flip side of your risks. Often it is there.

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